If you are interested in a LensN2Shutter mount
Fresnel, or have other questions:


Please be sure to include all relevant information. The more information you provide, the more accurately we can quote a price or respond to your questions.


For lens mounts, please be sure to include:

1) Manufacture (Schneider, Rodenstock, Goerz etc.)

2) Model or type (Artar, Dagor, Protar etc.)

3) f:stop (fastest speed of the lens)

4) Outside diameter of the lens group housing barrels (front and rear)

5) If the groups unscrew easily from the barrel:

·         The diameter of the threaded section (front and rear)

·         An approximate distance from the end of the barrel with the groups removed to the aperture of the barrel (front and rear)

For lens recommendations:

1) Primary use (field, studio, macro, landscape, architecture)

2) Format / formats, you have or plan on moving up to

3) Your current lens selection

4) Maximum bellows extension of your camera

For Fresnel lenses:

1) We have fresnels for all formats under 8x10

2) Contact us for details on your format


Message from the owner:

Hello Large format friends:Thank you for your support and patronage over the years to LensN2shutter. Unfortunately our growth and success in the large format community has put us in a position where our turn around time for mounting a lens has grown from four to six weeks to fourteen to eighteen weeks. Additionally the level of personal attention to my customers is no longer as high as it once was. While all of our customers have been more than understanding, I believe this excessive turn around time is unacceptable and it is simply not how I wish to do business.

In light of this I am faced with the choice of further expanding the business to handle the additional workload or reduce the workload to allow for a timely completion of your mount and once again provide you with a personalized level of service that is almost non-existent in todays marketplace. After much thought, I have chosen to reduce the workload rather than expanding the company at this time. This way I can once again provide the level of personalized help and support to my customers that we are known for and reduce the turn around time to a more reasonable level.

We will continue to answer any and all questions and assist you with your large format needs. However in order to reduce the workload, we will no longer be able to mount every lens that comes our way. Choosing what work to take on and what to send to the competition is a difficult one. From a business standpoint it would be wiser to take the easy jobs and refer the more difficult ones else ware however I have never been one to take the easy road. We will try to limit the mounting jobs to unique or rare lenses, those that are most likely to be turned away else were, as well as some personal favorites. Also I have to admit that I am a bit of a sucker for 100+ year old glass and anything Wollensak. We are quite busy so if we do not get back to you right any please be patient, we will answer all emails.

If you have a lens you wish to have mounted or you are looking for lens recommendations please feel free to contact us. Whether we mount your lens or not, we will be happy to answer your questions, offer advice and make suggestions on what will best fill your needs. We are here to help. We do apologies for not being able to handle the mounting needs of all of those who come to us. Unfortunately this is necessary in order to provide an uncompromising level of service to our customers. Please understand that while we want to do your mounts, we believe a four month turn around is an unreasonable length of time and so we are taking the necessary steps to correct the situation.

Additionally are currently looking for “Source Information” on rare and classic lenses that is not commonly available to the general public. We hope to help fill in some of the large holes in information available on rare and classic glass. If you have any such information that you can contribute, we will post it on the site so that it will be available for everyone to see free of charge such as this information on the
Busch Vademecum .

Information like this is virtually impossible to find and we wish to do our part to provide access for everyone to this information previously thought to be lost or non-existent. It is our hope that that the large format community as a whole will help us with their contributions to preserve this priceless information for future generations before it simply vanishes as so much of it already has. Please understand that if you have such information, it is like fine art, sharing copies of it with the world will enrich the entire large format community and not take away from the value of your priceless original document. However if the document is damaged or is simply thrown away by someone who inherits it without knowing or appreciating its value, then this priceless information is forever lost. Please consider the possibility that you may well have the last existing copy of it.

Please do your part to help preserve our large format heritage with your contributions. Again, we are looking only for source info, not hear-say or opinions but actual reliable source information on classic lenses. (primarily those that have little if any information available on the web) Also information on the date and manufacturer and serial numbers would also be appreciated. We will of course give recognition for those who contribute as well as provide links to their websites when available.

Our Email address is: sales@lensn2shutter.com

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