Ultra-Thin Fresnels
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Available in all sizes

Under 8x10

Brightens as much as

2 to 3 stops


We have Ultra-Thin Fresnels available for almost every view camera made under 8x10 complete with proper mounting instructions. Your Fresnel will be custom made to your measurements for a perfect fit on your camera. These fresnels come with a 1-week unconditional money back guarantee and with over 600 fresnels sold to date, no one has ever returned a single one yet. Even if you have an odd size we have one that will fit on your camera.  There is no risk. Buy it. Try it. Send it back if you are not happy with a quick explanation so I can try to correct any potential problem for future customers.


Fresnel lenses significantly brighten your ground glass viewing by as much as 2 to 3 stops. When using wide angle lenses the ground glass is far more evenly illuminated rather than the usual hot spot in the center fading to total darkness on the side. This is of great benefit in composing and focusing your image on the ground glass. You will be able to see the corners like never before! These New Ultra-Thin Fresnels are by far the easiest to install on any camera with the exception of those that snap on and off the back. You simply remove the ground glass and drop it in place then replace the ground glass.

Mounting your fresnel in this fashion has the added benefit of protecting your fresnel from any damage, as it will be inside your camera. Snap on fresnels that mount on the outside are easily damaged and scratched by doing one of the most common practices of all with a view cameras, looking through a loop. Fresnels mounted in front of the ground glass has the added benefit of defusing the appearance of the groves in the fresnel as you look at the image on the ground glass. In an effort to bring the price down to a reasonable level, I have a large quantity of Ultra-Thin Fresnels
specially made so that I can offer you the best deals on fresnels anywhere.


These Ultra-Thin Fresnels live up to there name.  They are the thinnest fresnels available. Our fresnels are only 18 thousandths of an inch thick! This is about the thickness of your fingernail. They have 3.33 groves/mm, are unbreakable, and are very clear unlike common fresnels. This incredible achievement makes them the only fresnels on the market that can be mounted in this fashion without producing a significant shift in your plane of focus. To put it in plainer terms, if you mounted a normal fresnel in this fashion the focus would be shifted and your focus would be off by an average of 1/8th of an inch (the thickness of the average fresnel). This problem has frustrated many photographers that were not told the correct way to mount a standard fresnel in their camera. It is unfortunate that most fresnels either come with no mounting instructions or worse the wrong mounting instructions.


After countless requests of my customers we now have 6x9 / 2 x 2 fresnels as well. This new run of fresnels offer finer groves than their my previous ultra thin fresnels for a even smoother appearance. The 4x5 fresnels work best with lenses from 90mm up although they do show significant improvement with a 75mm lens. The 5x7 fresnels work best with lenses from 110mm up and also show improvement with a 90mm lens. The 6x9 fresnels have been made with special consideration to the extreme wide-angle user. Their performance with the 47mm Super Angulon was exceptionally good allowing you to view the entire image on the ground glass without having to move your head  at all. The advantage this makes in composing your shot is immeasurable. The 6x9 fresnels should also work well with the 35mm APO Grandigon but I have not had the opportunity to test it with this lens. On a 6x9 with a 100mm 2.8 Planar the resulting super bright image was absolutely stunning.


*Guarantee: If you are unsatisfied for any reason with your fresnel you have 7 days from the day you receive your fresnel to return it. All I ask is that you contact me at the time you return it with a quick explanation so I can try to correct any potential problem for future customers

We can provide Ultra-Thin Fresnels for:


6x9, 6x12, 6x17, 2 x 3, 3 x 4, 4x5, 5x7, and 4x10 as well for the so called obsolete formats like 3x4, 4x6, 6 x 8 or in general, all formats smaller than 8x10.